Lawn Edger & Trencher in Calgary, Alberta for sale


Black & Decker LE750-CA 11-Amp Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher for Sale. Used, but in good condition. Below is info from the manufacture...
Is there a Hog in your yard? Well there oughta be! The Reconditioned Edge Hog 2-in-1 Landscape Edger (LE750R) offers versatility and increased power to create perfectly manicured lawns around sidewalks, driveways, curbs, and patios. The edger feature has the ability to tackle tough overgrowth along hard surfaces creating a defined trench between the grass and the surface. The exclusive Pull-Up Edge Guide converts the edger into a landscape trencher. The landscape trencher is powered by a 2-1/4 hp high torque motor to shape gardens, shape tree borders, install outdoor lighting or install underground invisible dog fencing. The 3-position blade depth adjustment provides depth of cut at 1, 1-1/4, and 1-1/2 inches to maximize the control of the trench depth. Weighing in at 12.4 pounds, and possessing a three-wheel design provides lightweight comfort and balance while edging. The 7-1/2-inch hardened steel blade's counter clockwise rotation throws dirt and debris away from the operator leaving a crisp edge on the trench. A built-in cord retention secures the extension cord for increased safety and continuous edging with no interruptions. The assistance handle can be attached on the right or left side allowing for variations in user preferences.
* Amperage: 11
* Torque: 150in/lbs
* Hardened Steel Blade: 7-1/2-in
* Depth Adjustment: 1-in, 1-1/4-in, 1-1/2-in
* Adjustable Depth Adjustments

Category:  Garden & House  |  Address:  Calgary Alberta

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