Pretty-Pitty Stud Service – $250-$450! in Calgary, Alberta for sale


Beastie is a first time sire for inexpensive - a GREAT value to you!
($250 plus 2 pups, OR $350 plus 1 pup, OR $450 plus 0 pups)

Attractive fawn male, black muzzle
2 1/2yrs of age
Great appearance, many compliments daily
Very fit, well balanced appearance and muscular tone, but
Not bred to be juice-monkey huge or massive XXXXL like all those other ego-maniacs brag about in their ads
Ears and tail in-tact

68 lbs well-proportioned and very healthy
9.25" wide at the shoulder
21" tall at the shoulder
24.5" long from front of shoulder to back of hind-leg
6.5" wide head (21" measured around)

Strong, smooth and confident gait characteristics
Well-defined muscular tone
Exercised usually twice daily
Has a manual treadmill (for building and toning muscle),
And has an electric treadmill for endurance (and for the long cold winter months)
Runs on average 1-3 miles (20-60 minutes) every day on the electric, and about 5-10 minutes at a time on the manual usually 1-3 times per week.

VERY well tempered, very happy, very playful!
(I work from home so he has never had to been left home alone for hours and hours on end!)
I've had him since he was 7.5 weeks and friends with his breeder - very excellent lineage
--> Lots and lots of play time since he was a pup
--> Lots and lots of love and cuddles since he was a pup!

Very Healthy Balanced Diet - All Free-Range/Organics ONLY - Alberta local, gluten and preservative free.
(Orijen/Acana, Merrick's Stews, Nature's Premium, Arusha, Urban Carnivore, Glengary Bison&Berries, Glengary bones)
- Dry Orijen or Acana in the morning, and evening meal is Orijen or Acana mixed with Merrick's Stew.
- Also fed tripe & different kinds of organic/free-range raw meat regularly.
- Given various high-end/high-quality supplements and EFA's regularly as well.

Even both his parents were only fed all Orijen straight from birth (very healthy bloodline)

Very affectionate and docile indoor temperament
Alert but obedient outdoors
Learns quickly - VERY intelligent
Great with families and children
Great with CATS even!
...and most dogs, even small ones (gets an attitude with some bigger male dogs though)

***Great Candidate For A Well-Balanced, Very-Healthy Litter!***

-> *Healthy, purebred, well-tempered bully OR strong-breed type bitches preferred, but will consider other breeds as well (such as Great Danes, Presa Canario's, Dogge Debordou's, Akita's, Labs, etc.)

- For a few more pics, you can download a small zip-file (24mb) at:
- For a few funny vids, you can download a small zip-file (148mb) at:

Call JP:
or email: bizbox01[at]gmail[dot]com

Seller:  JP Bogle

Category:  Pets and Animals  |  Address:  Calgary Alberta

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