Reel Mower ~ YardWorks 20" in Calgary, Alberta for sale

Reel Mower ~ YardWorks 20"
Reel Mower ~ YardWorks 20"
Reel Mower ~ YardWorks 20"

This 20" mower has the widest cutting path of all YardWorks reel mowers. Two quick-release levers easily set the cutting height from 1-7/8" to 3", allowing a higher cut for better soil moisture retention, more effective weed control, and a lusher-looking lawn. The four-wheel design adds stability, with 10" front wheels and 6" rear wheels. This 30 lb, five-blade mower cuts virtually any type of grass. Used, but in good condition.
A bit about reel mowers: Reel mowers are becoming a more common sight in our neighborhoods. The first reason people are making the transition to these mowers is environmental: a typical gas mower produces a surprising amount of pollutants — both in exhaust and in spilled fuel. The second reason is quality: reel mowers deliver a superior cut because they shear grass rather than tear it. Tearing gives an uneven cut and causes tip browning. As a result, reel mowers have replaced rotary ones as the mower of choice on golf courses and estates. Another obvious reason for spurning gas mowers is that their sounds & smells are generally unwelcome on a beautiful summer evening. But don't confuse these modern models with the cast-iron push mowers of old that were heavy and difficult to push; these are a breeze.

Category:  Garden & House  |  Address:  Calgary Alberta

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