Moon-Light - $40 in Calgary, Alberta for sale

Moon-Light - $40
Moon-Light - $40
Moon-Light - $40

GadgetPlus. ca.

Product: Recovery Moon LED Night Headlight Moon Phases w / Push-button control.
Price: $39.99 *** FREE Shipping.


- Adjustment between 12 different moon phases from New Moon to Full Moon, or Waxing Moon to Waning moon instantly or with your remote control.
- Provides a detailed lunar area of our moon in the dark.
- Illumination Sensor: Will switch on automatically when the rooms lights head out.
- Screw/nail mounts so you could hang it on your wall surface.
- Remotes Distance: Approx 4 meter.
- Powered By: 4 x AA Batteries or 6V DC Output Power Adapter (Both are not consisted of).
- Powered By: 2 x AAA Batteries (Electric battery is not consisted of).
- Dimension: 25cm (size) x 6cm (thick).

Category:  Kids’ products & Toys  |  Address:  Calgary Alberta

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