Solution Farm Nasa Like House Residence in Calgary, Alberta for sale

Solution Farm Nasa Like House Residence
Solution Farm Nasa Like House Residence

Gel Ant Farm Nasa Like Area Apartment.

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The Gel Ant Farm is based on a 2003 NASA Space capsule experiment to research animal life in room and examination exactly how ants successfully tunnel in microgravity. The Gel (Non Toxic) is full with nutrients to market healthy development in the brand-new colony.

Watch ants live, function and tunnel in the healthy and non-toxic gel as they develop series upon collection of complex passages. Easy to take care of - Ants require NO food or water.

ANTS ARE NOT CONSISTED OF! Nonetheless, there is a kind consisted of where you can order some ants for delivery using mail. Why bother? Just established out some potato chips in the kitchen and viola! Instantaneous ant nest!


- Instance and gel.
- Amplifying glass.
- 4 blue LED's embedded in base (with A/C adaptor).
- Ant catching/tunnel starting device.
- Instruction booklet with fascinating truths regarding ants.

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